Sales Training 102

In this workshop we continue to build on the knowledge gained in the Sales 101 workshop.

We look at how to decipher the customer’s values using various communication methods and how to use this knowledge to minimize your sales cycle period and increase your sales.

Practice identifying a person’s B.A.N.K.C.O.D.E in real-life situations including coding from images of a prospect.

Get immediate feedback on your progress throughout the course.

Finally, hone your Speed Coding skills in our interactive gaming environment until you can crack anyone’s code in less than 90 seconds every time!

Course Testimonial

“When I first heard about the Sales Training, I knew it was going to be a great sales training so different to what I was used to I went for the training to learn how to sell to the different personality types and make more money. Little did I know that I was going to get to know and learn so much about myself. I highly recommend the Sales Training 102 to anyone, not only salespeople”.

Karla van der Westhuizen
Sales Consultant, Millennium Konica Minolta

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