Sales Training 101

In this workshop we cover the fundamentals of personality-based sales training.

We look at how the customers’ values affect them making a buying decision and how to use this knowledge to increase your sales.

Learn in-depth about the four personality codes – Blueprint, Action, Nurturing, and Knowledge – and discover how these codes work together to form a person’s full B.A.N.K.C.O.D.E.

Discover the best way to use a person’s B.A.N.K.C.O.D.E. to increase your sales.

Course Testimonial

“Sales Training has taught me how to really listen to my clients and prospects and understand what they are really saying by being able to ask the right questions and then get the right answers and then provide the right solutions. I continue to use my Sales Training skills with all my prospects, clients, and staff. I can recommend that any salesperson that really wants to serve their clients consider using the Sales Training system for great results.”


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