code breaker Coaching

Take your business or career to the next level with our coaching program designed to optimise your business and maximise your results!

Interactive, hands-on coaching with methods that clarify your purpose and vision which equips you to make them a reality. Work smarter, not harder!

This course focuses on your “inner game”!

This is a 12 week coaching program.

We coach you on how to leverage the 6 below intelligences, plus our tools, training, and technology, to weather tough times and skyrocket your success in any economy.
Be a more empowered leader and level up your business or career quickly!

Live Small-Group Coaching

Learn about each of the Intelligences in hands-on, discussion-based classes while discovering new ways to apply them to your business or career for better results.

1-on-1 Individual Sessions

Set better personal and professional goals with the help of your Coach, and then stay accountable thanks to our guidance and feedback in forums and 1-on-1 private sessions.

All-Access Pass to Tools, Training, and Technology

Access the power of our full system with your Codebreaker Explore subscription to generate unlimited leads, use cutting-edge artificial intelligence, and access our virtual training platform for bigger wins in a fraction of the time.

Code Breaker Coaching

Take your business or career to the next level with our coaching program designed to optimise your business and maximize your results!

Interactive, hands-on coaching which clarifies your purpose and vision and equips you to make them a reality. Work smarter, not harder!



All decision-making behavior boils down to four basic buying personalities or BANK CODES. Personality Intelligence helps you to understand and communicate more effectively with each other and stand out from the crowd.


Our Sales Intelligence applies Personality Intelligence to the sales process. Appeal to each BANKCODE by understanding the buying triggers and tripwires that make or break the sale, and close more sales in less time.


Engaging with people according to their values is the key to an approach high in Emotional Intelligence—and success. Our Emotional Intelligence shows you how to optimize your personal and professional relationships.


Our Artificial Intelligence is the only AI in the world and combines the other intelligences into a cutting-edge technology that pinpoints specific codes and appeals to them in nanoseconds. Forbes called Codebreaker AI The Future of Sales.


Bring your business to peak performance using our Business Intelligence. Learn to leverage our methods to make data-driven decisions that maximize results and optimize every aspect of your business.


B.A.N.K. is a universal language that connects and empowers humanity. Our Spiritual Intelligence helps you to master the four levels of wealth and keeps you aligned with your divine life purpose.


What is B.A.N.K.?
B.A.N.K. is a simple personality profiling system that can be used to pinpoint another person’s “buying personality” without a formal assessment in under 90 seconds. The B.A.N.K. system also teaches you custom communication and scripting formulas to better understand and appeal to each buying personality.
Who can benefit from Coaching?
Anyone who wants to work smarter, not harder to accelerate their success. Coaching shows you how to focus on and succeed at strategies that deliver serious results fast! We serve everyone: entrepreneurs, small business owners, middle managers, company executives, and anyone who wants to get ahead in their business or career.
What are some practical takeaways I can expect from this program?
Because we serve business professionals from all kinds of backgrounds and careers, your personal takeaways will vary depending on your industry, position, and level of commitment. Your Coach will customize their sessions for YOU, so every class is a bit different. Some things we’ll show you how to do include writing a more captivating bio, up-leveling your resume, creating a stronger prospect funnel, developing a mission statement, setting a clearer vision for what you want in your life and career, mitigating conflict at work and at home, building confidence in your communication and leadership skills, and much more!
What can I expect from the 1-on-1 accountability sessions?
Get individual guidance in setting better goals and intentions for your business and yourself. In the first 30-minute session, you’ll meet in a private, 1-on-1 video conference with your Coach, who will help you set your goals for personal and professional development for the program, as well as help you set the fastest roadmap to achieve them. In the second 30-minute session, you’ll celebrate your progress with your Coach and get honest, constructive feedback on how to further accelerate those successes.
What will I learn during Coaching?
Coaching is based around the six B.A.N.K. Intelligence: Personality Intelligence, Sales Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Business Intelligence, and Spiritual Intelligence. You’ll learn what each one of these means and why they matter in business. Then, you’ll collaborate with your class and your coach to successfully apply them in your own life to deliver.
What can I expect from the live small-group coaching sessions?
During each small-group coaching session, you’ll learn about one of the B.A.N.K. Intelligence, as well as the ways you can leverage it for accelerated success, in a private video conference. You’ll have breakout discussion groups, accountability chats, Q&A, and fun interactive tasks throughout the class. These sessions aren’t lecture-style; they are true coaching opportunities. That means you’ll learn by doing and discussion, not simply watching.
What will I be doing between classes and accountability sessions during the Codebreaker Coaching program?
This is a very hands-on program, so you’ll be applying what you’ve learned out in the real world. Every class, you’ll be given a few options of ways to put each B.A.N.K. Intelligence in action. You’ll share what you’ve learned with your small group and discuss strategies to grow your results. You also will have access to BANKPASS, CODEBREAKER AI and BANKVAULT through your Explore subscription (your first month is included in the cost of Coaching), so you can use it to crack BANKCODES, expand your B.A.N.K. knowledge, and reveal the quickest path to close your prospects.
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