Inspiring better connection

Personal Development SA inspires people to connect better with customers, colleagues & staff in order for sales to grow.


Our mission is to connect with the people of South Africa, inspiring them to grow into their full potential by teaching and equipping them with valuable tools to increase their sales

Sales training company for businesses & individuals.

Dramatically Increase your Sales

We can help you to discover your prospect’s buying behaviour in just 90 seconds – no long assessment required. We provide tools and training to customise your communication delivery so your message drives conversion every time.

Build Stronger, More Meaningful Relationships

We can help you gain a better understanding of your peers, colleagues, clients, family and friends by gaining a better insight into who you are and what you value. Learn how different people function and how knowing that can influence your life.

Master The Art of Selling & Connecting With People!

Take your business or career to the next level with our coaching programs designed to optimize your business and maximize your results.

Sales Training 101

In the Sales Training 101 we cover the fundamentals of personality-based sales training. We look at how the customers’ values affect them making a buying decision and how to use this knowledge to increase your sales.
Sales Training has taught me how to really listen to my clients and prospects and understand what they are really saying by being able to ask the right questions and then get the right answers and then provide the right solutions. I continue to use my Sales Training skills with all my prospects, clients, and staff. I can recommend that any salesperson that really wants to serve their clients consider using the Sales Training system for great results.


Sales Training 102

In Sales Training 102 we continue to build on the knowledge gained in the fundamentals workshop. We look at how to decipher the customer’s values using various communication methods and how to use this knowledge to minimize your sales cycle period and increase your sales.
“When I first heard about the Sales Training, I knew it was going to be a great sales training so different to what I was used to I went for the training to learn how to sell to the different personality types and make more money. Little did I know that I was going to get to know and learn so much about myself. I highly recommend the Sales Training 102 to anyone, not only salespeople”.

Karla van der Westhuizen
Sales Consultant, Millennium Konica Minolta

Sales Script Training

This full-day course takes you beyond the core values to define the likes, dislikes, strengths, challenges, and general behaviors of the Four Personality Types.
The Sales Script Training course that i attended helped me to align my presentation with the client in front of me and to better understand the different types of people I do business with. My Sales Script Training cards are always with me and when I open my folder, I look at them in order to remind me to use this great method of doing business.


Relationships Training 101

Imagine what your life could look like if you mastered the science of communication, connection, and building solid relationships.
Relationship Training saved my marriage! I learned more about my spouse in 1 day than I did in 20 Years of marriage!

Meet the Trainers

Director / Coach / Trainer

Director / Coach / Trainer

Garth Farrant

Garth is a certified international B.A.N.K.™ CODE Sales Trainer, as well as an international trained public speaker.

Director / Trainer

Director / Trainer

Celeste Farrant

Celeste is a Certified International B.A.N.K.™ CODE Sales Trainer.

Trainer Testimonial

An accolade to Garth and the Sales Training I was fortunate enough to do the Sales Training 101. The following week my clients called me in to do a proposal for a security upgrade. At the meeting, I was asked my clients to use the Sales Training cards and I was able to determine the board Consisted of Nurturer and Blueprints. On leaving I told my clients they would have the proposal by 9 am the following day. Just before 9 am, I sent the proposal as promised and on time. 20 minutes later I had a phone call accepting the R 22 000 proposals. I can only thank the course for being able to target the proposal to tailor it to the client’s preference.

Donovan Hoare
Director, ATS All Technology Solutions (Pty) Ltd

Master Closers Coaching

This is a 6 week coaching program.

The 5 inside secrets our clients use to become master closers, so they sell more and work less …

Interactive, hands-on coaching with methods that clarify your purpose and vision which equips you to make them a reality. Work smarter, not harder!

This course focuses on the “inner & outer game”.

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